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About The Artist

Kanchana is a creative artist whose journey began when she didn't even know how to write language. Kanchana is an Indian-based artist, born in neighborhoods of city of joy, Kolkata,  West Bengal. She moved to live in Jharkhand during her childhood. At the age of three, her mother introduced her to drawing a lotus, and she amazed everyone by capturing its essence perfectly on her first attempt. From that moment, her passion for art grew steadily, becoming a source of meditation and relaxation for her as she painted in every spare moment.

While Kanchana grew up to become a software engineer, her love for art never waned. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for her to fully immerse herself in her artistic journey. She completed her degree at the Milan Art Institute in the US and began working on wall murals and personalized paintings. Sharing her experience and helping others have always been central to Kanchana's approach, whether through art or in life. Her work has been collected from various parts of the world.


Kanchana's life has been shaped by her travels across India, living in states such as Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. This experience has deepened her understanding of the country's diverse cultures, food, and festivals, while also emphasizing the shared emotions that connect people across the nation.

Her participation in various art shows and events throughout India has garnered recognition for her work. In Ahmedabad, she participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness program organized by the OnCowin Cancer Center, donating her paintings for the cause. She has also participated in the Indian Art Festival in Bengaluru, and her art and story were featured in a newspaper published by Star News Haryana.

Now settled in a small town of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Kanchana continues to create art from her home studio, where she works alongside her husband. Her work aims to be a beacon of inspiration, and she is dedicated to sharing her passion with others as she continues her artistic journey.

As an artist, I strive to create vibrant, soulful works that resonate with the multifaceted aspects of the human experience. My process begins with mixed media art supplies such as inks, spray paints, mark making, textures, gold leaf, and glitters. This allows me to explore bold, textured forms and create intricate layers that evoke emotional depth and introspection. I then refine the painting with lustrous oil paint, sealing it with high-quality varnish to ensure its preservation and enhance its visual impact.

Through luminous colors and intricate details, my art celebrates resilience, transformation, and the purity of the human spirit. By weaving together contrasts and harmonies, I aim to craft immersive, uplifting experiences that inspire viewers to perceive the world through a lens of hope and possibility. My paintings act as portals to life's enchanting moments, drawing people into a realm of wonder and optimism.

Ultimately, I seek to share my passion and vision, guiding others on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. My work serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals to embrace their own path and uncover beauty and strength in the world around them. Through my art, I hope to leave the world a more beautiful and enriched place.


“I paint to make the world more beautiful and remind us that we are all connected deep down. I hope my art can inspire people to think bigger and better”

- Kanchana Dutta


  1. Participated in Breast Cancer Awareness program organized by ICAC Art Gallery, Ahmedabad

  2. Participated in Indian Art Festival, Bengaluru

  3. Art Exhibition organized by ICAC Art Gallery

  4. Art Exhibition organized by ICCR Art Gallery, Kolkata

  5. Art Exhibition Organized by Pottupuri Art Exhibition, Hisar, Haryana

  6. Art Exhibition Organized Magenta Art Group