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Personalize unique paintings to create your love story

I paint personalized paintings because they beautifully capture the unique stories and romantic memories of individuals. I paint to express deep emotional connections and celebrate the beauty of cherished moments. By customizing the paintings to the owner's preferences, I add a personal and heartfelt touch to your space, making them timeless keepsakes and enduring expressions of love and romance.

What do I personalize for you? I paint Abstract, Nature, Portraits. 
In the world of Abstracts, we explore the journey through hues and shapes, where colors dance and emotions whisper.

Among Flowers, Animals and Nature, we explore the beauty of the divine’s creation. With each brushstroke, we capture the breath of the blooming flowers, the dance of the waves, the whisper of the leaves and many more.

With customized portrait paintings, we capture the essence of your loved ones and yourself, portraying the light in their eyes, the curve of their smile, and the depth of their soul. Here, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each individual, preserving their legacy for generations to come.

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With Kanchana's touch, my newborn photoshoot dreams have been beautifully brought to life. I have a family portrait painting done by her it’s just a dreamy photo. I have attended her painting classes and she is a truly inspiring teacher & artist. With each painting, she invite us into a world of beauty, where dreams and memories intertwine.

Her ability to capture emotions and transcend reality through her art is truly inspiring. She is very committed and hard working. Her imagination is great and her work is of the finest quality. She consistently works on the painting until it meets our expectations. I'm very thank full to her for making my dreams come into life with a painting... Her paintings speaks more than anyone's feedback.


I had the pleasure of commissioning a painting from my incredibly talented friend, Kanchana, and I couldn't be happier with the result! Not only is the painting itself incredibly vibrant and full of life, but the attention to detail and skillful technique truly make it a standout piece of art. Additionally, the packaging was top-notch, ensuring that the artwork arrived safely and in perfect condition. I highly recommend Kanchana for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful piece to add to their collection.


Bringing Dreams to Life on Canvas. For several years, I sought an artist capable of capturing a deeply personal image: Lord Krishna. The project held immense significance for me, and I required a meticulous translation of my vision onto canvas. The final result surpassed my expectations. Kanchana not only captured the essence of my emotions and love for the piece but transformed my dream into a tangible masterpiece. The quality of her work is consistently high, exceeding expectations. However, it is her personable demeanor that truly elevates the experience. Kanchana's warmth and friendliness ensured the project transcended a mere artistic commission; it became a collaborative journey. Furthermore, upon witnessing the depth and creativity evident in Kanchana's broader portfolio, I found myself compelled to acquire additional pieces. Her artistic vision and execution are truly inspiring.